Thursday, October 10, 2019

Recipe for permanent youth :

You can get permanent youth, with a Japanese recipe for a 120-year-old lady, who has already proved through preliminary research the ability of the recipe to slow the aging process.
The old lady said she regularly takes the recipe daily, a cup of skim milk with a large spoon of yeast and can be replaced with yeast pills .

Scientists from Concordia University in Canada researched the recipe and found that the yeast contains compositions that could prolong the life of the cells since the yeast cell has great similarities with the human cell in terms of how it ages.

"We found 6 groups of molecules found in yeast, which slow down the aging of cells and give you the appearance of lasting youth as well as the ability to exert effort at a late age over 60," said Vladimir Titorenko, a biologist at the University of Concordia.

One of the most important ingredients found in the extract of multiple molecules of vitamin B, which scientists considered one of the most important discoveries in the fight against aging at all,

When tested, the extract increased the average cell life by 475 percent, while delivering the maximum life expectancy of 369 percent.

The research is still in its initial stage, as it has not yet been tested on animals, but scientists expect it to have a successful future in the fight against aging and slow down the effects of age-related diseases.

The benefits of drinking yeast with milk : 

Yeast is a type of single-cell fungus. These fungi are inactive as long as they are dry, and if warm water is added, they are activated.

The benefits of drinking yeast with milk for weight :

Lose weight when you drink it before main meals due to its role in curbing appetite, filling the stomach, giving the person a feeling of satiety and unwillingness to eat. Weight gain and fattening when drinking the mix after meals.

The benefits of drinking yeast milk with the body:

  •  Providing the body with the calcium needed to strengthen the bones and teeth.
  • Reduces the risk of anemia due to the iron content important in the formation of hemoglobin.
  •  Calming the nerves and giving the person a sense of relaxation and comfort.
  • Controlling blood sugar levels due to its role in stimulating the pancreas gland to produce insulin.
  •  Destruction of malignant cells, which reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Strengthen the immune system in the human body, which reduces the chances of infection with viral, bacterial and bacterial.
  • Stimulate blood circulation in the body. Build muscle and strengthen the body structure; therefore, we find sportspeople and bodybuilders keen to drink the mix regularly.
  • Adjusting cholesterol which helps protect the heart from sudden strokes and atherosclerosis.
  Benefits of drinking yeast with milk for hair :
  • Increase hair density and is, therefore, a good treatment for dry and falling hair.
  • Treatment of breaches of the ends of the hair. Increase hair shine.
  •   Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which nourishes the hair follicles and helps to grow quickly to lengthen the hair, with the possibility of using topically on clean hair and leave it for an hour and then washed with warm water and shampoo.

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