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Although we know the benefits of fruits and vegetables and many foods, there is always something new that we need to know the benefit. The biggest example is eating figs and olives together.
This recipe is not new, but scientifically confirmed it and was discovered that this recipe is a miracle of the human body.
It has many great benefits because of the presence of metalloids in each and this does not work unless eating of figs and olives together, as the most beneficial dose, is to eat one fig and seven of olives in the morning.

What is Methallonez, is responsible for the freshness of the body to always be young, and the brain secretion of this substance in the body of a person between the ages of 15 to 35 years, and then decrease the proportion of the secretion of this material gradually, after the age of 40 years, In lowering cholesterol, metabolism, strengthening the heart and removing the symptoms of aging from the body and restraint, all of these benefits are caused by methalloneids.

A Japanese research team managed to extract the substance "metalloids" from figs and olives. The Japanese team confirmed that the active ingredient methionines found in the figs have no effective effect except by mixing them with the material available in the olives. The Japanese team said that the best result is one fig to seven olives.
The benefits of figs and olives in the substance of methadone, and has great benefits to the body as following :
1 - supply the body with energy and vitality that make him in a youth permanently. Cholesterol-lowering especially bad cholesterol. Improve the body's metabolism and strengthen the heart. Eliminate the symptoms of aging and premature aging.
2. Regulation of blood pressure levels: Fig contains potassium, which works to reduce blood pressure at high altitude and contains a proportion of sodium, which must maintain a certain percentage of the body, as the increase leads to heart disease.
3 - weight loss: helps figs to reduce weight and maintain the stability of healthy weight because it is rich in fiber, which feels full when you eat and reduce the desire to eat. Improve digestion.
4- The fig contains the fibers that regulate the work of the intestine and limit digestion disorders and thus reduce the incidence of constipation.
 5 - Prevention of women from breast cancer: Preferably to be taken by women after menopause for this purpose.
6. Building bones: Figs contain the calcium and minerals needed to build bones and strengthen them and thus protect them from osteoporosis.
7. Improve vision: Because it contains vitamin A. The benefits of olive build red blood cells because it contains an iron component.
8 - Improve the vision and protect the eye from the incidence of various diseases such as blue water, cataracts, and atrophy.
9 - Protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and protect the skin from cancer and premature aging and maintain the health and freshness of the skin because of its contain vitamin E and fatty acids and antioxidants.
10 - to relieve the pain of the body because of containing the substance of Olekthanal.
11 - protect the body from cancer because it acts as an antioxidant and protects the body from chronic oxidation that leads to the body's disease.
12 - rid the body of abdominal fat and help to reduce weight by burning fat in fat cells.
13 - Lower the level of high blood pressure and protection against heart disease.


MR. Ijaj Seikh delete October 15, 2019 at 1:38 AM

Thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more info about FEATURED HEALTH
Do you know what happens to your body if you eat figs and olives together? Miracle. Please keep sharing. thank you.
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