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 the Spirulina is the type of algae growing in Lakes, tropical Saline was discovered by Dr. French  1962, to turn this they recognized by the international health United nations is defined as eating Super (superfood). Food good balance the Spirulina is more sources eating organic is rich in materials and nutrients and vitamins and includes a percentage of proteins high acids amino good balance, in particular, the amino acids home nucleic acids is rich in a very vitamins and Minerals acid and any- nutrients chlorophyll fiber. Food alkaline is known very as a source of essential for food and alkali, food health is required to be with the number hydrogenous (standard degree acidity) ranges between 7.3 and 7.4. The status of acidity body has been the body and for many diseases (see the writings of Dr.  Berg the United States of Ameri
). The food  stable must include the proportion of equivalent to 80% of the alkaline foods, 20% of the food aid in a way to the new life is not easy to maintain a format feed specified, especially those who preoccupied very their work and methods of their lives and therefore the consumption Spirulina is ideal for them to the domain long-ratio because they are involved in the upgraded health and had the Almanac case acid fragile and change it to another take into account the case alkali natural body. Of it, that deals with Spirulina? 1- infants and children and adolescents the Spirulina rich very protein plant and vitamin the

 boat, calcium, iron,  it is useful for the growth of infants and children and adolescents. 2- pregnant women through infancy breast (breast natural) the mother during pregnancy and production of milk baby lacks quantities additional nutrients to you from the secretion of sizes enough of nutrients that require her infant or the fetus. What contains Spirulina of protein Nafie significantly fibers fetus and motherhood and vitamin the boat, such as acid folic Nafie significantly fetus, were he on the evolution of the brain. The calcium and iron instead of nutrients that lost during the stage of motherhood. 3- adult workers the nutrients located in Spirulina the choice appropriate and important for adults who do not allow them to a way of life's busy to maintain the format of a diet balanced. 4- athletes lack athletes

 protein additional growing intensity and revise performance, the Spirulina rich in vitamin the compound that the top of vitamin effort muscular, calcium, iron,  - carotene beneficial. 5- who want to reduce weight a lot of people will find that eating modicum of discs Spirulina before eating food will help to reduce the appetite for food and therefore prepare a minimum of eating. 6- alcohol the Spirulina rich  - carotene an inverted-oxidants effective dramatically and has properties of anti-aging to turn that its contents high of calcium reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 7- living with anemia the Spirulina rich very with iron very the wounded anemia. 8- who of disease those who of the disease is Spirulina ideal where they include the nutrients and Minerals that it is possible that the cooperation to expedite the recovery of the disease. (God willing) the Spirulina rich in materials and nutrients and Minerals and vitamins it appropriate for individuals from all categories of age and it is not a cure, but the material health nutritious very not harm to health if addressed sizes enormous. The next is the Foundation I, Malaysia with plants for the production of Spirulina the characteristics of an international. The Spirulina produced by dxn net 100% does not include the articles of artificial or materials chemical, therefore, it canonical the King Spirulina has earned this title efficiently. The Spirulina dxn include the nutrients full properties known for over a wide. It's the most forms supplement food in today's world food organic ..... you will encourage consumed ?? commented Yes or no discovery of variables between food membership (organic food) and non-ended  membership is the food-producing without the use of any ways updated industrially, both of deadly insect or manure chemical, or other additions industrial added during periods of growth, or updates occurring the use of radiation or additions of chemical. Unlike the food third parties membership the eating organic includes the ratios of the largest of antioxidants, ratios well below metal toxic materials and deadly insects. Thus, in accordance with scientific study dealing with the difference between eating organic and third parties organic to the moment the eating organic is eating the most health entirely. Team global this to this search, seen that to vegetables and fruits membership may sing for the need of protein or two proteins five which requires to the body to repeatedly every day to update the cells and hormones, and growth right about children. Team that the  professor Carlo no  from the University of Newcastle in the UK, reached statistically to the conclusion important effect: "that the difference between eating organic and third parties organic in the status of antioxidants - by example-we find that the food organic includes the rates ranging from (19% -69%) top of the non-organic". This education school is the first of its kind in clarifying that much of the

 differences in a manner significantly between food membership whether fruit or vegetable or even grain and those of others membership. Underwent search to review the specialists published in the Journal of scientific are, a British Journal of nutrition. And it was the chart issued in the next week, However, issued actually on many sites Academy of electronic. Are based on the search results to examine 343 a previous study been subject to the whole review specialists from all parts of the world - increase forever - has been looking at the differences between the fruit and vegetables, cereals membership and traditional. Said Helen, CEO of the Commonwealth of soil (soil association), which are struggling with a view to organic farming, "the important issue very on this search is that destroys the myth that how to agriculture does not affect the quality and quality foods ." Bear witness sales the United Kingdom of food membership, which often what are rising cost a lot for food and inorganic, recovery in the wake of idle during the case of critical investment. Produce plants and many of the car antioxidant attacks pests, accordingly, the high rates of crop membership may result from lack of protein by chemotherapy lesions. However, the scientists say there reasons other related necessity, such as is similar items membership being produced to be more resistant and overshadowing them profusion fertilizers agricultural industry. To this, concluded  and his colleagues so many of antioxidants «Associated with previously by reducing the risk of genetic diseases, including the disease-hearted vascular, and diseases nerve and some form of cancer." Is that they noticed also that he has not been any studies long-term until the moment, looks health benefits of nutrition membership a wide range. It is one of the most search results Lazer surprising was high rates rise of cadmium, a metal Sam, in the traditional crops. As found pesticide residues on traditional crops by concentration above four times for foods membership. Received a search to pay the supplier's financial of Alliance European Foundation and charities interested in organic agriculture. As a long-find many of the views and critical a group of factors; them to the inclusion of many studies in the examination may mean that the job slight quality would corrupt the form of the results, despite the Act of the team analyzes are characterized sensitive, and found that the exclusion of the job lean didn't turn off the result in the something. And criticism of last says that the high rates of cadmium and pesticides in traditional crops are still the bottom of much of the parties border regulatory. However, the researchers pay that cadmium the nature of cumulative in the body and the band-term and that some people won't actually in avoiding this, and that the barriers pesticides being set an individual, not a meeting of a set of chemicals used in the crops. There is a critique of last pay that differences observed may result from a different climate, or quality of the soil or forms of crops, and not the result of organic agriculture, although the researchers say it is a combination of many studies may revise the rate of these differences mentioned. However, the largest of views critical, despite what earlier, it would be more suggestions privileges potential health. Last analyzes of the great new, which included 223 study in 2012, came out the evidence is simple, as stressed that «the literature research published you need to the directory  that food membership more in the benefits of food and huge of foods traditional." Was this is the same conclusion that came out by the studies mini-published in 2009 magazine scientific by the agency standards food British, although this education school mentioned, including 11 studies. Did not remember the study of 2012 that eating food membership may people in avoid pesticide residues. Said Sanders told «the Guardian», that he was not convinced that the job talk. «Won't be in the status of food better if dealt with food membership, However, the most important here is what eat, not if organically or traditionally. Is eating of fruit and vegetables completely." Was completed: « people format and method of their lives. While feel safe to grow with no chemicals and grows without interference major institutions." He spoke also the organic farming cooperation in medicine problematic enormous UK in terms of diminishing the soil and use the excess agricultural causing pollution waterways. Showed ballot by the relationship of soil (soil association), the proportion of healthy food (55 percent), and avoid the remains of chemicals by (53 percent) is the factors main mentioned shoppers behind buying food membership. But, said many others that take care of the environment and (44 percent) care of the animal (31 percent) are important reasons, as is the matter with respect to percent). Said: «supports that find what think people for foods membership. In other countries, there rates much higher than the help and acceptance and for a long the benefits of food and agriculture membership. We hope that result in these results to the consistency of the United Kingdom.

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