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The influence of  amino membership on the growth of  wheat (wheat): use of raw materials plant publisher of the news (not genetically modified) keen Foundation  Arab on the safety of food and safety of the environment, we offer top mattress health, safety and environmental  on the use of goods membership of Botanical established (despite the rise of their prices). Where do not remain the risk of the filth of BSE, salmonella, Escherichia coli coli, and other pathogens animal? As noted in recent high the spread of viral diseases on plants attribute some specialists this-proliferation in percentage use of amino acids animal authorized the news. Thanks to its source of the plant (do not use of waste animal of tanneries leather or intestines of animals or blood dried) the goods our company does not include on: ** antibiotics remaining in the waste animal. ** metal heavy (Chrome, Mercury, etc.). ** chlorine and plug-contaminated other.  shows find follows the feasibility of squirt amino

  on wheat. The fertilizer membership and amino important and the feasibility of great plant to include so of components is similar as it includes acid on o, n, c add to s, p. Involved acids membership of all kinds including the acid the benefits of a huge plant such as insurance nutrition integrated plant and increased speed germination, activation of growth and development of the total root, exaggeration the content of chlorophyll in places lean lighting, high-efficiency absorption ingredients, and other privileges and the other. As for the advantages of acid amino they are the activation of merit of representative plant Immunology interior in addition to revise the qualities of growth and yield. As found niyyner that nutrition paper nutrient big and small more deserved  times of added by the soil. Noted cample and others to the developed world him not to try to reduce the manure nitrogen added to the soil and reduction in a manner an investment and non- plant or lever the balance of environmental. Concluded experience to the scope of the need to squirt amino acids and membership in exaggeration growth wheat. Progress Foundation  Arab that year especially.

  the amino acid and membership with concentration appropriate of seaweed the first time in those goods. In addition metal components necessary on high productivity of wheat (Fe, cu, mgo, zn,) with the components of the great neck and some of the components and vitamins enzymes necessary on high productivity. Recommends the Foundation seven Sanibel or seven beginning of the paper real fifth and even phase lactic sprinkling one minimum alone or with herbicides. (( medical)) . 1⃣ . The carbohydrate of food ingredients which extend the body of energy, just as they are stored proteins in the body and may result in a few eating carbohydrates to loss of protein of the body, and thus incidence of malnutrition, it is more important food containing the carbohydrates are: wheat, sugars, pasta, honey, oats. 2⃣ . Include fruits, vegetables, many of vitamins dietary fiber protecting the body of malnutrition, warns take the fruits and vegetables on frequently every day, and the diets. 3⃣. The fat of food ingredients that the cooperation of the body and the energy storage, is the source of acid-fatty protecting the body of a lot of diseases; including: disease malnutrition, it is more important food containing the fat: nuts and seeds, milk, oil, full-fat, as well as on the peanuts, but have not a lot of the food and containing the fat so as not to this results to the incidence of obesity. 4⃣ # the proteins of important component of the growth of the cells of the body, where the  nitrogen, just as they organize the degree of acidity in the body, and also the balance-base in the blood, lack of protein in the body and leads to hit muscle fibers in it, maybe the reason scarcity of protein in the incidence of malnutrition, this is required caution and audit to eat food containing proteins; such as: legumes, nuts, meat, fish, wheat, and accurate oats. 5⃣ . Availability of vitamins and Minerals guard against many diseases; including disease malnutrition, it is possible to eat vitamins and Minerals from sources of food, as can be addressed also in the form of supplements food. Position debate pull goods Foundation "Ferrero" produced for "chocolate Nutella" by the chain stores foods Italian known, and came regard response to the safety of foods European the risk of food containing Palm oil. The body was published in the month of may 2016 documented scientifically advised in it that exposing Palm oil the degree of the hottest higher than 200 ° generates material glycerol carcinogens, which can be avoided if the use of any vegetable oil last or sunflower. Came in the report: "he found in the Palm oil pollutants related industry, just as found in oils other, and in ghee vegetation and some of the processed foods, which induces concerns the healthy potential for consumers' sparingly that cuisine of age group small, or consumers of all age groups". Reported Healy committee based processing -: "there are signs enough that " ge "Sam genes and substance carcinogenic, therefore, the Commission has not to propose a level of safety from consumption". Apart from issued crisis Foundation Ferrero  "Nutella" addresses updates, enter the Palm oil in a lot of food and commercial, this  value matching of the types of vegetable oils other, being disposed of smelled Red by the process of refining high heat, to expose the oil the degree of the hottest high above 200 °. Attached dishonest Abu

 - feeding in the food international pro-nations - the case of critical hoping for. "Palm oil one of the worst forms of vegetable oils, it includes a high rate of saturated fat that leads to diseases-hearted, cholesterol". She explains Abu Fotouh that "the vegetable oils including on vitamin" a "rates are similar, which is one of the antioxidants, but to expose the oil to heat the high change vitamin the same to material, which is a negative impact on the health of covered", continued: "and that the process leading inevitably to be material ge which is one of the causes of cancer". The risk real - describes the Abu - lies in the Palm oil enters in 3/4 the food industry, "can be detected this easily about viewed the items blog on covers of the majority of food and beverage". Sales manager institution "Ferrero" Vincenzo reported in the notice of publicly televised: "Palm oil your Ferrero safe; because it comes from the fruits of fresh in degrees of the hottest governed by". The report submitted by the agreed with the warnings precedent for each of the Association of international health organization of the food and agriculture loyal to the United nations "fao" referred to the same danger may be the use of Palm oil in the food industry. Says Ashraf Abdulaziz - nutrition, faculty of investment of domestic University -: the exposure of fatty the degree of the hottest exceed 200 ° produced his very large number of components toxic, including aldehydes, which has been a reason for forms of cancer stroke other such as Alzheimer's ". Already stated on document the body it to oriented material age carcinogens, lead heating Palm oil vegetable oil on the degree of the hottest high to be carcinogens and other such as diol 3-mcpd and 2-mcpd. Just as you say  the report is cited also an evaluation curb approved relatively of consumption of articles that contain these components." We identified average allowed the size of 0.8 micrograms per kg of the weight of the body and repeated every day, with articles containing 3-mcpd based on the exams on animals laboratory examined the effect of an article on the safety of the members of the body ". Continued:" the data for the scope of toxicity is still limited by significantly, but even though this gives an indicator level safe from the consumption of these materials ". Step ahead - included in - statement of the European Commission and all the relevant laws of food in Europe, depending on what is given by the authority of reports will be an estimate of the situation and business occasion, warned the by other studies have to evaluate the scope of a serious matter.

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