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Correction for some concepts related to the subject of organic food branched out and expansion in previous years term eating organic and became the concept related principle alinma standing in the issuance of eating away too much so that he has changed to become one of the ethical principles is that the heading to eating organic even if the in the price of the door of the province on the environment! Became recognized that this type of food and healthier and normal and best environment, However, is that true? What is organic food? Organic food is food has grown without relying upon.

 materials a manufacturer of such as the seeds, which has laboratory or fertilizers chemical or pesticides insecticides. Alternative it is resorting to traditional means that depend on the recycling natural or fertilizers agriculture and natural or prevention of natural of pest agricultural depending animals nature birds or insects, or of killer insect natural. Do your organic food Nafie more health? Some studies  to be eating organic includes the concentrations of more than materials antioxidant .... terms of use to plant pest in a manner natural ... while gets  traditional to assist the most of mankind and is in the pesticide , and the fact that we do not know exactly how and does such materials actually providing benefit of a real man .... how much you have to eat in order to get on the  required of the car to get on the feasibility of a real of them. Do you eat organic nutrient more? Some to it include more concentrations increase for some cars nutrients like vitamin C. However, studies minute confirms that the difference in the concentrations slights significantly if compared to food and traditional. If which we know until the moment the organic food not difference of real terms of the amount of food or health, However, what we know is that eating vegetables and fruit is generally salubrious it doesn't matter this enough. Do your organic food natural more? Fact that most of the farms that result in crops membership not produced without materials kill insects and but are using a multiple of pesticides natural like oils vegetables or some cars sulfur or phosphate, which are located in a manner natural or operations vital .... but it's are those of pesticides safer of pesticides chemical traditional? .... not necessarily, composite toxic is Sam in spite of its origin what matters is the degree to focus and not how was manufactured or , and usually does some farmers  of the use of pesticides natural on the basis of it's less dire and the risk of very and adds to the concentration of cars toxic  more harm than the goods other been using conventional pesticides them in degrees allowed, truth filth organic bacteria is a matter of the most serious much of pesticide residues on the vegetables and fruits by the  and is a matter of  the risk whether what you eat organic or plain. Do your organic food best environment? Studies on the affected by both agriculture conventional and organic on the environment in terms of energy consumption or issue gas emissions he stays a difference a huge between them in the influence on the environment ... organic farming consumes materials chemical more but lacks to spaces agricultural biggest to produce the same size of food

 is this  natural resources and water out, in fact, that the crops traditional impact and consumed 
resources and the environment less slightly of crops membership and not an antibody. Fact that organic food is not the best much as images of food traditional .... versa  on the environment and the largest and if increased demand on it, it is certainly   in the use of ways and equipment less in sustainable development of environmental and this might be the effects of serious on the environment and the planet by and large; assigned in Spain, for example where demand growing on the goods membership and  wine the product of grapes organic led to fish in the direction of Green and treatment of high-tech which led to increasing the great in electricity consumption and produced increasingly apparent in the issuance of gas carbon dioxide output of power plants. The risk real are changing demand on organic food than deficiency or how to ideology,  gives some users feeling Bank TF what is right, which may be the reason for more of exhaustion the body and if we wonder why to get sick our children to increase for others why have a  heat influenza, diarrhea, the length of time .. calling due  immune system which makes them more susceptible, viruses common atmosphere Ocean .. immune strong is the key good health .. the immune system severe not intended to lack of infections final .. but mastery of healing quickly to disease .. exposed all children the length of time factors pathogenic such as the bacteria, viruses and parasites, fungi, but it does not mean that they  because  immune severe will provide them with defenses strong on the elimination of disease .. and the fact that exposure types are similar to bacteria and viruses enhances the immune system for our children .. for example, some of childhood diseases such as measles rubella mumps  water cooperation in the construction of the immune system for our children  of infection again these diseases .. the more important things you can do  the immune system for our children to strengthen  and accelerate recovery and revision of their safety .. 1. Breastfeeding milk needed a very to build a immunity small and protection of diseases .. in addition to being believes in him eating fully comprehensive the balance including acids fatty home .. when Fed little breastfeeding least likely exposure inflammatory significantly emulation of someone who suckles  .. so too so that  your child even a few months .. unless tsttiei this can ready milk Rice full in the House is the best alternative health for breastmilk .. enjoy your child structure  more .. 2. Healthy eating organic the balance the multi-tool so that we offer our children nutrition and health balanced to protect and save the health and strength  immune system because of the lack of the presence of nutrition makes our children more susceptible, viruses ..  we provide them with a multiple of the food and full membership and third parties genetically modified produced without fertilizer chemical and kill insects .. more important than food grains complete, vegetables, multi-fresh fruit local seasonal legumes and nuts and seeds, fish species the good of olive oil, Sesame  on  heat .. a little seaweed "by no pass% 5 of  daily", which provides for our children metal materials needed to strengthen the  immune system .. if we inhabited in climate  heat we can provide our children with oil fish natural .. loves all children, eat snacks are shops a lot of canned food and processed saturated sugar-fat and materials

  and extensions  cakes , soft drinks all of which weakened immune system for our children .. so we have to give them the choices natural health prepared at home, such as snacks health balanced nuts and seeds toaster, extracts and vegetables and fruit fresh and sweets health "prepared of flour grain full fruit and dried and localities of natural" and food that weaken also the immune system for our children foods cold  of eating fruit intention  .. a result of the important that the covered in our children moderately .. if  incurred of inflammation ear chronic diseases sensitivity and castles and problems of digestive colic  due  sugar dairy products cheeses, chicken, soft drinks and foods canned and processed  .. so we avoid this food and reliance on the format of healthy diet neutral and stable .. not forget regard  food daily ad hoc US because young love the tradition of adult ..  of  meals healthy balanced multiple .. is not required to be  so we can open up the experiences of others and convenient roads and methods of modern in cooking health .. 3. Home health-free chemicals lead exposure chemicals toxic the immune system and make it a weak unable to meet the diseases are all .. from normal to cancer.. become our environment ongoing full of and pollutants... However, despite the spread of those toxins we can make the environment in our House a healthy  of the preparation of chemicals toxic against our children every day .. the use of detergent natural prepared at home, cosmetics, take care of personal natural .. and using fabrics natural in the family of our home  ..  as possible from the use of electrical appliances and electronic inside our home ..  air healthy pure refreshing US

  .. 4. Avoid the use of antibiotics, vaccines, non-needed describes the doctors at this time of many of antibiotic for our children which weakens  significantly .. and the fact that the antibiotics generate races bacterial severe hang on to all forms of drugs .. the vaccines and it is possible that believes immunity against the disease-specific but it does not strengthens immunity our children public and improve their safety full even on the opposite at all .. because it is injection children budding by about 36 doses for ten forms is similar from Sera viral  pre-five years of age which causes  immune system, which still phases growth and development .. in order is calling for the main deterioration of the immune chronic about our children at this time .. also shown scientific studies that children

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