Friday, April 19, 2019

High Fructose corn syrup is an ingredient found in almost every processed food and drink that you buy. Many sodas, juice, bread, baked goods, and condiments are made with this ingredient. There is a major debate within the food and nutrition community about whether are not high fructose corn syrup is healthy. Some experts say that unlike natural sugar it raises blood sugar levels drastically and is higher in calories, while other experts say consuming fructose free foods does not make one healthier

Whether or not you believe consuming fructose free foods will improve or make no difference to your health, one fact is that sugar is high in calories and too much can be detrimental. So what can you do? For starters, you can make small changes to your diet by knowing where to purchase organic foods with natural ingredients and less sugar. A great place to buy inexpensive organic food is Trader Joe's.

Some people have the impression that stores that sell organic foods have high prices. Many items at Trader Joe's that are fructose free such as syrup, salad dressing, bread, juice and ice cream often cost less and some are approximately the same cost as nonfructose free foods at popular supermarkets.

Trader Joe also carries a wide variety of items like meats, produce, dairy, breakfast, baking, snack, and dessert products that are nutritious and also tasty. As America is becoming a society that's more green conscious in how we affect the environment, it is important not to exclude the foods we eat since this is a major part of our lives.
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