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Buying organic healthy foods is much easier these days, with a wider range of sources now offering fruits, vegetables and produce grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Food grown following the organic principles provides an alternative to conventionally grown fruit and vegetables which can be one of the main sources of residual chemicals. Organics are also generally much more environmentally friendly than regular produce, as a result of their reduced chemical use and their generally less intensive farming practices.

Helpful hints on where to buy organic

The following are some of the options for buying healthy, naturally grown food:

Farmer's market - these are markets that are held where farmers bring their own produce to sell directly to the public. You'll often find plenty of organic products at a farmer's market and you can buy nutritious, organically grown produce, vegetables, fruits, and meats.

Specialty stores - there are many specialty stores that either offer gourmet produce including organics, or which specialize exclusively in organic foods. These can provide a wide range of products that are locally sourced and offers easy access to organic healthy food.

Local producers selling to the public - if you live in a semi-rural or rural area, then it is probably easier to find local producers who sell directly to the public. These are likely to be farmers and growers who have small to medium holdings where they are dedicated to farming using the principles of organics.

Organic greengrocers - this is along the same lines as a specialized shop, only it is a specialist in who sells all organic green groceries. If you live in a more urban area, this may be a good alternative to buying directly from the producer.

The benefits of organics

The key benefit of eating organically grown food is that the food has a higher level of nutrition, has better taste, is free from residual pesticides and is produced in a more environmentally friendly manner. For those who buy organic food, these benefits provide compelling reasons to choose organic foods over conventionally grown and produced food.

If you are looking for places to buy organic healthy food, there are a wide range of options nowadays; whether you are able to buy direct from producers or you source your food from organic greengrocers and specialist stores. Buying organic is a means to provide your family with nutritious food that tastes great. By choosing organic produce, you can be assured your food is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and is produced in a way that is less harmful to the environment.
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