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Making healthy cat food recipes with Organic food will provide your cat with the most variety and so the most nutritional balance. It may take a bit more time than opening a can or packet but look at the added bonus of great health for your cat and healthy food for cats. 

This directly translates as less spent on expensive professional health care.

Once you get into a routine, duplicating it becomes second nature.

You need to start out by understanding what healthy cat food is. Go back to the evolution of cats. Wild cats kill and immediately eat their prey. This means their diet is all raw, quality food. Everything is in balance. There is no excess fat. There are no chemicals. There are no added nutrients because they get all they need from their kill.

So let's have a look at a carcass. Mice are the common prey for the small wild cats, the forebears of many domestic breeds. Amice is largely muscle meat and bones, with a small proportion of organ meat.

 So your cat's diet needs to duplicate this with healthy food for cats  

By making the meals mostly muscle meat and bones, with a small proportion of organ meat, you are coming as close as you can to their evolutionary diet.

A cat will not always be successful in their hunting. They probably wouldn't catch more than about three, maybe four mice a day. So their meals need to be spaced out and not huge.

This can translate into two meals a day.

One meal could be based on the muscle and organ meat, the other based on the bone content.

By making half the meat meal muscle meat (such as mince or diced meat, chicken, fish or game meat) and the other half a variety of liver, kidney, heart or brain, you have achieved total balance.

The other meal could be a small whole raw fish (including bones and entrails), a chicken neck or half a chicken wing and this is the most healthy food for cats.

You could soon get into a weekly routine, with seven days of different recipes. That is easy to shop and store, easy to make up as you go and much appreciated by your cat.
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